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How can teachers help students understand word problems? This CkingEd Quick Book (QB) is for teachers and parents who are seeking research-based strategies to help children become better at solving word problems. This is designed for the on the go educator and is aligned the Common Core State Standards' Mathematical Practices. This QB focuses on strategies that build and promote COMPREHENSION, VISUALIZATION, REPRESENTATION, PARAPHRASING, ARGUMENTATION and JUSTIFICATION.

Test-Savvy Math: Fostering Thinking and Reasoning in the Test-Prep Process

Designed to help teachers by providing practical, year-long, interactive activities to develop students’ test-taking skills, while helping to build critical thinking skills. It includes 25 research-based strategies that embody and bring to life the Common Core State Standard (CCSS) Mathematical Practices. Each strategy incorporates some or all elements of student collaboration, student-ownership, accountable talk, error analysis, and tapping into ones' prior knowledge. The strategies detailed within this book are outlined using a step-by-step process. Learning objectives, guiding questions, extension ideas, and assessment opportunities are also included. Test-Savvy Math: Fostering Thinking and Reasoning into the Test-Prep Process is meant to work in conjunction with your existing curriculum materials and test-prep resources.


A photographic celebration of mathematical concepts and representations in our world. This collection has over 30 images conveying how mathematical ideas underpin our daily life. For each image a question is posed for us to ponder and solve. Fascinating facts are also included reflecting the theme of the pictures.


Measurement conversion riddles that intrigue and challenge while strengthening thinking and reasoning skills. N3 No Naked Numbers has 5 types of conversions and over 100 riddles, with three levels of difficulty within each section

what do you see?

Our ability to notice things and make observations using precise language is one of the foundations needed for the development of critical reasoning skills and abstract thinking. This book helps build the observation skills needed to critically observe and describe what we see.

The digits Game

Number puzzles using the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 designed to make the learning and retention of basic math facts fun and engaging.  Helps to build logical reasoning skills, while promoting math talk and collaboration.

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