A4A: Day 1 w/ Dr. Nicki

Focus: Getting to know you and outlining the process for an adapted lesson study.


During the School Day:

  • Get Online/Wifi

  • Meet with Admin Team

  • Visit Classrooms and Use Teacher Feedback Form (or take notes by hand)

  • Debrief with Admin Team

After-School PD:

  • Meet with Teachers

    • Introduce Adapted Lesson Study Process

    • Review Forms

    • Discuss and Post Lesson for Cycle #1

Posting First Lesson

These links are open with editing access right now, but will be closed later on this evening. These documents have been shared with all teacher team members.

Team A: Lesson #1 for Cycle 1

Team B: Lesson #1 for Cycle 1

Team C: Lesson #1 for Cycle 1