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Popular, requested tools and resources developed by CKingEducation available to to all to support you in teaching math.  Additional links to recommended online tools and apps.



 Online mathematics professional development materials that teacher, schools and districts can use to provide quality, research-based learning experiences.


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 Upcoming math workshops and materials from past workshop sessions from CKingEducation.  Intended to be a resource for educators to revisit, turn-key and/or share ideas.   



Real Teachers Reflect of Learning

Book created by teachers with CKingEducation.

Book created by teachers with CKingEducation.

What a motivating experience! There is power in professional teaching collaborations in which we are ultimately advocating for our students.  - Ms. Murray, 2nd Grade

This entire PD was a very rewarding experience. I appreciate Mrs. King sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm! For me, the unpacking of the standards was the most valuable tool, and looking at the standards across K-2. By really studying what we expect our students to be able to do, and by looking at the stages/fluencies at that particular stage, we were able to create games and activities with and without scaffolds. I think that this will greatly impact our teaching and help our students so much!              - Ms.  McKenna, 1st Grade

The Math Fluency Book that we are creating will help our school find activities that can be used to make math fun for all students.  I feel that this will change the way our teachers view how a math lesson should be done. Mr. Murphy, Math Cluster Teacher K-5

Professional Development Structure

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Step 1: Needs Assessment

At the start of a professional development cycle CKingEducation meets with key stakeholders, conduct informal walk-throughs, and/or reviews data to outline the best course of action to help the school or district grow and improve.  We understand that your growth is key.


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steps 2: Tailoring Professional learning

Each school or district is unique and has its' own challenges and while research-based practices can and should be replicated at CKingEducation, we believe that professional development should be crafted to better meet the needs of each school or district.


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step 3: measuring impact & reporting

Each school or district receives a written mid-cycle and end-of-cycle report documenting work that was completed, nexts steps and notes 'look fors' to better support coaches and administrators in following-up on professional development services.


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