A4A: Nix the Tricks 2018

This workshop helps teachers define and outline grade-level appropriate tools, math models and strategies that can be used to model thinking around computational problems to help students prove their thinking and understanding in many ways. We will focus on how to move beyond memorized steps and acronyms, such as KCF (keep-change-flip), to conceptual understanding that endures.

  1. Presentation for Nix the Tricks – Day 1 (Grade 5 – 6)

  2. Presentation for Nix the Tricks – Day 2

  3. Nix the Tricks (.pdf)

  4. 12 Rules that Expire (NCTM article)

  5. 13 Rules that Expire (NCTM article)

  6. Rethinking the Order of Operations (NCTM article)

  7. SEDL Insights – Teaching Math Conceptually

  8. Molina Como Webinar

  9. Place Value Slider

  10. Video: How do you really feel about math? 

  11. Video: Long Division Rap

  12. Video: Dr. Nicki’s 5th Grade Beaded Number Line

  13. Video: GFletchy – Division (will on remain posted for the duration of the workshop)

  14. Math Mistakes Blog

  15. Explorations A and B

  16. Article: “Why Floundering is Good”

  17. Handouts:


  18. NYS Released Items 2013 to Present:

  19. Online Resources:

Algebra for All 2018: Strategies

Do your students nod, “Yes.” to affirm that they understand what you are saying, but you know that they really don’t? This workshop is about developing a classroom that fosters student ownership of learning by using pedagogical structures that promote productive discourse, collaboration and engagement via the use of simple, easy to enact instructional approaches that can be taught in September and used throughout the entire school year.

Day 1:

  1. Presentation (Day 1)

  2. Which One Does Not Belong?

  3. 20th Century Classroom Mindset (Quiet Classroom video)

  4. 21st Century Classroom Mindset (Acton School – Day in Life)

  5. What is student ownership quotes

  6. Conversation Cards

  7. Help/Inhibits Discourse, Collaboration and Cognitive Engagement

  8. Two Arguments

  9. Handout on Discourse

    1. Conversation Skills Poster – General (print back to back, with next)

    2. Conversation Skills Poster – Math

  10. Handout on Pedagogical Structure

  11. Handout on Grid Games (must print out 2 mats place on 2 sheets of card stock)

  12. Application of Kagan Structures

    • Pairs Compare

      • Picture This: pg. 13, 15, 17, 26 or 34

      • Textbook: Go Math, CMP, Engage

    • Silent Collaboration, One Pen, One Paper (Jot Thought – variation) – Illustrative Mathematics Tasks (Post Success Criteria – Math Mindset)

    • Peer Tutoring Script (Rally Coach – variation) (print 20 copies, put in sheet protectors)

    • Spanish Vocabulary Terms (VVWA – Test-Savvy, pg. 59 )

    • What is the Question? (Test-Savvy, pg. 70) Numbered Heads Together (NHT) – iPod Task

  13. Total Participation Technique Cards

Day 2

  1. Presentation (Day 2)

  2. Sample Teacher Tell Me: 

  3. Information Gap Example

  4. NYS Released Items (Grade 7Grade 8)

  5. Sample Math Talk Cards (print on cardstock)

  6. My Pedagogical Toolkit

  7. Pedagogical Structures

  8. iPadio

  9. Sample Tutorial Videos:


Other Online Resources