September Session #1

Focus: Task analysis to drive instruction.


Selection: A task is selected per grade level. CKingEducation will select the tasks initially with the intention that we grow towards teacher selection of purposeful, rich tasks. 

  1. Implementation: Students and teachers are given the task to resolve. The task should not take more than 10 minutes for students to complete.

  2. Analysis: Teachers, with guidance from a facilitator, analyze each students’ work sample.  Teachers will be taught how to unpack what the student work means by naming math models, strategies and vocabulary used.

  3. Support: Based on the trends noted teachers, with the guidance of a facilitator, outline 1 to 3 measurable ways to address the identified areas of challenge.  Teachers also identify 1 pedagogical or content knowledge area that they need to gain a deeper understanding of.

  4. Assess: Teachers periodically (6 weeks, 3 months - 6 months) assess growth in targeted areas to determine if the measurable ways to address are working and if knowledge is being retained by students in the short and long-term


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