Algebra for All 2019 - 2010 Project

This page serves a launch pad for understanding the Algebra for All Project and CKingEducation’s participation in the process for the 2019 - 2020 school year. CKingEducation has partnered with 3 other organizations and have been awarded work in 2 districts (District 30 in Queens and Bronx HS District). Below find information about the scope of the work, the districts that we are working with and consultant expectations.

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Onboarding Process for CKingEducation

To ensure that any new consultants are a good fit for CKingEducation and that we are a good fit for them we have developed an onboarding process.

  1. Shadow Days allows people interested in working with our company to get a chance to see what we do on a daily basis. Payment is $300 a day. You can do up to 5 of these day, but no less than 1. They can happen immediately. Additionally, if you would like additional training day, that can be arranged. We also try to pay these days right away, as they come out of the company expenses, not the NYC DOE.

  2. Co-consultancy allows prospective consultants to share in the work in a supportive manner by sharing a days work with another consultant. That is $500 per day. You can do up to 3 of those days, but no less than 1. They can happen as soon as the training days are completed and we can arrange the time with a school. The money for these days are subject to the NYC DOE payment process.

  3. Trail/Regular Consultancy days at at a rate of $800 per day for your 3 months to a year depending on your experience. The rate would then go to $1,000 at the end of the trial period. The $1,000 rate is the cap.