Session 1: What is My Business?

What is this session about?

This is session one in preparation of the Acton Children’s Business Fair and our focus is to help burgeoning young entrepreneurs figure out what kind of business they are interested in starting.

How will we accomplish our goal?

We won’t tell you what to do. This is your business. Watch some of the video below and go through the activities to help yourself come up with some ideas for your business.


  1. Why do you want to start a business?

  2. Brainstorm a list of things that your business could be about.

  3. Watch some of the video. Update your list.

  4. Discuss your ideas with others. Narrow down your list.

  5. Show what materials you would need for each of the final idea on your list. For example, if your business is about selling cookies, what kinds of things would you need.

  6. Pick one business to focus on. Figure out what materials and would need and explain how you would get those materials.

  7. Share with group.

Session Resources:


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